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Who comes for counselling


Counselling can be useful for anyone who wants to talk about and get help with problems they may be having or areas in their life they want to change.  Some people come when things hit crisis point, others seek help when they can see ongoing patterns, habits or situations which are likely to become problematic.  Some people come for personal development, not necessarily due to a particular problem or issue, but want to get to know themselves more or live more consciously. 

How to book a session


Call me on 0425 240 433 or email at

What happens in a session


We’ll sit on couches. I won’t have a clip board or take many notes while we’re talking. I won’t set out to analyse or assess you.
I will listen to you and get as clearer picture of what's happening for you as I can. I won’t ask you anything deliberately embarrassing or intrusive.

For the most part, we will talk. I sometimes use Art and Sand Tray therapies for both adults and children (I think the adults love this more than the kids). I sometimes lead people in relaxation or meditation (using a therapeutic approach called Focusing). Sometimes we brainstorm together on a piece of paper.


How long are they


1 hour for individuals , 1.5 hours for couples.

Sessions for children may be closer to 40 minutes depending on age.


$120 individual sessions $150 couples.

How to pay

Cash or direct debit.



There is plenty of easy parking.

Do I need a Dr reference



How to cancel | reschedule


I understand that life does throw us unexpected moments that require appointments to be moved.  24 hours notice is preferred.

Weekend | After Hours appointments


Yes. I try to work around times and days that work around peoples schedules as much as possible.

Crisis Calls


The time when people decide to make an appointment for counselling is often during a crisis. Beause of this I try to make appointments within a day or two of a new client making contact.

Existing clients do not have to wait for their next appointment to get support if they are experiencing a crisis. I am happy to see clients at short notice if they are in need and to talk on the phone as needed and as I'm available.

Do you do presentations to Groups?

I am able to come along and present to groups (such as parent groups) about a range of topics.


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